Celebrating Milestones: Navigating the Post-Truth Era with ‘Science, Technology and Society for a Post-Truth Age: Comparative Dialogues on Reflexivity’ (Eds.: Onculer Yayalar & Şahinol)

After an extraordinary journey, it is with great excitement and pride that I can announce the publication of our book, “Science, Technology and Society for a Post-Truth Age: Comparative Dialogues on Reflexivity.” Co-edited with Emine Onculer Yayalar and published by Vernon Press, this collaborative effort signifies not just the conclusion of an intense undertaking but the commencement of a new era in navigating the realms of science, technology, and society amidst the challenges posed by the post-truth era.

A heartfelt thank you extends to our dedicated reviewers and all contributors who poured their expertise and passion into this project. Without your invaluable insights and support, this book would not have evolved into the inspiring work that it is today.

This book, a catalyst for reshaping our understanding of truth in an age marked by skepticism and uncertainty, is not merely a publication but a dynamic contribution to addressing the challenges of our time.

Notable STS researchers have shared their thoughts on our book:

Prof. Dr. Sergio Sismondo from the Department of Philosophy at Queen’s University, Canada, commends the insightful analyses spanning from Colombia to the UK, teasing apart the complexities of post-truth. Here, STS illuminates commendable democratizations of science alongside dangerous dismantlings of knowledge and expertise.

Prof. Dr. Erkan Saka, Professor of Media and Journalism Studies at Istanbul Bilgi Üniversitesi, Turkey, praises the book for its rich theoretical depth and empirical evidence blend. It stands out for offering a unique STS perspective on social reflexivity, post-factual politics, and participatory research.

Prof. Dr. Steve Fuller from the University of Warwick, author of ‘Post-Truth: Knowledge as a Power Game,’ highlights the book’s comprehensive coverage of the implications of the post-truth condition. The inclusion of diverse national voices from the Czech Republic, Greece, Turkey, India, and Colombia makes it distinctive and eye-opening.

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A sincere thank to all contributors for making this significant project a reality. I eagerly anticipate sharing these insights with the world and contributing to the ongoing discourse on the intersection of science, technology, and society.