Exciting News! Meet-Up “Forging Connections: Middle East STS Meet-Up” accepted for 4S-EASST Conference in Amsterdam

I am thrilled to share that our Meet-Up, “Forging Connections: Middle East STS Meet-Up,” (co-organized by Melike Şahinol and Emine Öncüler Yayalar) has been officially accepted for the 4S-EASST Conference in Amsterdam this July!

Event Details:

  • Event: Forging Connections: Middle East STS Meet-Up
  • Room: HG-07A32
  • Date and Time: Wednesday, 17 July, 12:45 – 13:45 (Europe/Amsterdam)

About the Meet-Up:

This Meet-Up, organized by Emine Öncüler Yayalar and Melike Şahinol, is dedicated to fostering collaboration and knowledge exchange among STS scholars within the Middle East region. Given the grand societal challenges we face, connecting regional academic communities to share insights and engage in collective research endeavors becomes all the more vital. The establishment of STS Türkiye in 2017, now standing at 450 members, signifies an exciting momentum for a deepened STS network in the region.

Session Goals:

In this session, we aspire to host STS researchers and practitioners to ponder current projects, collaborations, and future directions of STS within the Middle East. Our objective is to identify shared research themes, discuss the nuances of cross-regional collaboration, support emerging scholars, and debate ways to elevate the visibility and impact of Middle Eastern STS research.

Invitation to Scholars:

We invite scholars who have engaged in scholarly work in or about the region, and all those studying STS from within the Middle East context, to join us. We hope to engage with a broad array of perspectives and to incite a constructive discourse that taps into the region’s diverse expertise. Please consider this call to connect and contribute to a vibrant discussion that celebrates our unique regional STS landscape.

Join Us:

We are excited about this opportunity to bring together STS scholars from the Middle East and beyond. Let’s forge connections, share our insights, and collaboratively work towards advancing STS research in our region. Mark your calendars and join us for what promises to be an engaging and enriching Meet-Up.

Looking forward to seeing you in Amsterdam!

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