Exploring Human, Medicine, and Society

In the ever-evolving landscape of medical innovations, novel interventions into the essence of humanity have emerged, presenting new challenges for society, culture, law, and politics. These challenges are shaped by diverse cultural interpretations and behavioral modes. From genome editing to eugenics programs, modern reproductive technologies to health apps that monitor our fitness and well-being, medicine, science, and technology are redefining various aspects of individual and societal life.

As an independent researcher, my work focuses on understanding the profound impact of these medical innovations on the socio-technical, socio-cultural, and socio-political processes in society. I explore the dynamic interplay between science, technology, and medicine, analyzing their interactions within specific social contexts. My research spans numerous domains, with a specific emphasis on cyborg actions and the consequences of human-technology entanglements. I approach these investigations from my unique standpoint, exploring the complex dynamics of socio-bio-technical entities.

My journey in this field began in 2015, when I launched and headed the research area of ‘Human, Medicine, and Society’ (Orient-Institut Istanbul) till 2023. This research primarily investigates how society responds to the practices of Human Enhancement brought about by medical innovations. It seeks to comprehend the developments in science, technology, and medicine concerning their social implications from a Science and Technology Studies (STS) perspective.

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