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Celebrating Milestones: Navigating the Post-Truth Era with ‘Science, Technology and Society for a Post-Truth Age: Comparative Dialogues on Reflexivity’ (Eds.: Onculer Yayalar & Şahinol)

After an extraordinary journey, it is with great excitement and pride that I can announce the publication of our book, “Science, Technology and Society for a Post-Truth Age: Comparative Dialogues on Reflexivity.” Co-edited with Emine Onculer Yayalar and published by Vernon Press, this collaborative effort signifies not just the conclusion of an intense undertaking but […]

New book chapters published: Crip Technoscience and Posthuman Disability & Science and Technology Studies

I have some exciting news to share with you! Recently, two of my new book chapters were published in the edited volume ‘The 50 Shades of Humanities: Environmental, Digital, Medical, and Posthuman Voices (orig. Beşerî Bilimlerin 50 Rengi. Çevreci, Dijital, Tıbbi ve Posthüman Sesler),’ published by Kapadokya University Press. I would also like to extend […]

New: Edited volume on STS published (turkish)

I am pleased share that our edited volume – our 2nd STS book in Turkish – has been published and is now available for free to download (link below). –Editörlüğünü üstlendiğimiz 2. STS kitabımızın Türkçe olarak yayınlandığını ve internet üzerinden ücretsiz olarak indirilebileceğini duyurmaktan sevinç içerisindeyim. Aydınoğlu, A. U., Kılıçtepe, Ş., Öncüler Yayalar, E., Saka, […]

New publication: 3D printed children’s prostheses as enabling technology? The experience of children with upper limb body differences

I am happy to share my new publication: Şahinol, M. (2022), “3D printed children’s prostheses as enabling technology? The experience of children with upper limb body differences”, Journal of Enabling Technologies, Vol. ahead-of-print No. ahead-of-print. Abstract Purpose This paper examines the extent to which 3D printed children’s prostheses function as enabling technology. The focus lies […]

Sammelband: Upgrades der Natur, künftige Körper. Interdisziplinäre und internationale Perspektiven

Upgrades der Natur, künftige Körper Interdisziplinäre und internationale Perspektiven >>> Zu Beginn des 21. Jahrhunderts verändert sich durch Entdeckungen und Entwicklungen in Feldern wie den Neurotechnologien und der Hirnforschung, der Gentechnik und synthetischen Biologie, der Prothetik und den Nanotechnologien auch unser Verständnis der Natur und des Menschseins. Vor diesem Hintergrund ist es das Ziel […]

New guest edited Special Sections: Manufacturing Life (Part I & II), Journal: NanoEthics. Studies of New and Emerging Technologies

“Manufacturing Life” is the topic of the latest two special sections of the journal NanoEthics. Studies of New and Emerging Technologies (, which are guest edited by Diego Compagna and Melike Şahinol. Research and insights about the (re‑)constructions of living beings through practices in life sciences and technology with a focus on cultural, ethical and […]

Advisory board member of “Teknokultura. Journal of Digital Culture and Social Movements”

I am very pleased to have joined the advisory board of Teknokultura. Teknokultura is one of the preeminent forums for academic writing on society, politics, and digital culture. It is sponsored by the prestigious Universidad de Complutense in Madrid. The journal is peer-reviewed and open sourced, and regularly publishes in Spanish, English, and Portuguese.

Art-Science Interaction publication “Cyborg Encounters”

I am happy to share that an Art-Science Interaction publication I co-authored with my students has been published: Okay, A.M., Taşdizen, B., McKinnon Bell, C.J. Topdal, B.D., Şahinol, M. Cyborg Encounters: Three Art-Science Interactions. Nanoethics (2022). Applause to the students who created such great thought-provoking pieces – and two of them are directly Turkey-related! […]

Access and tinkering: designing assistive technologies as political practice–A discussion with Zeynep Karagöz, Thomas Miebach and Daniel Wessolek

Happy to share that our publication “Access and tinkering: designing assistive technologies as political practice” I co-authored with my colleagues from the research network “Dis/Abilities and Digital Media” funded by Deutsche Forschungsgemeinschaft (DFG) has been published on Emerald Insight: Bieling, T., Şahinol, M., Stock, R. and Wiechern, A. (2022), “Access and tinkering: designing assistive technologies […]

New publication: “VULVA STUDY. hidden but not undiscovered” in Conversation with “Manufacturing the Vulva”

I am very proud to share that the Art-Science Interaction article I co-authored with my sister Merve Şahinol has been published open access (enabled and organized by Projekt DEAL) in NanoEthics (DOI: Abstract Cosmetic surgery and techno-medical manufacturing of the body are booming. The transformative potential of cosmetic surgery is used to shape and […]

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