Posthuman Cyborg Love

Posthuman Cyborg Love is a cutting-edge research project that analyses human-machine love and sex relationships. The project uses the concept of socio-bio-technical adaptation process to explore how the human body adapts to machine-based offers in the sexual domain and vice versa. The project is focused on exploring the various forms of human-machine love, including teledildonic machines and humanoid love/sex doll robots with Artificial Intelligence (AI).

The concept of love is undergoing significant changes in the posthuman era, moving beyond its traditional boundaries and into the realm of socio-bio-technical relationships. This shift has significant implications for our understanding of love and relationships, challenging the traditional concept of romantic love and the role of the nuclear family as the central institution of society.

In the case of human-machine love, the socio-bio-technical adaptation process refers to the way in which the human body and the machine adapt to each other, allowing for a seamless integration of technology into human sexuality. Love in the posthuman age is not just an emotional connection between two individuals, but it is a combination of biological, social, and technical factors. The increasing use of technology in our personal and intimate lives has expanded the definition of love beyond its traditional boundaries. Love can now be experienced with machines, and this type of love is fundamentally different from the romantic love that has been the cornerstone of traditional relationships. The project will shed light on the rapidly evolving world of love and sexuality in the posthuman era. The findings of the project will provide a better understanding of how technology is changing our relationships and how we are adapting to these new forms of love and sexuality in the posthuman age.

Illustration by Merve Şahinol (copyright, all rights reserved)

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