From 2015-2023 I was Senior Research Fellow and head of the “Human, Medicine, and Society” research area at the OII, where I conducted a variety of projects in the field of sociology of technology and the body, and medical sociology, incorporating critical perspectives on disability, science, technology, and society. As an independent researcher, I am diligently continuing my ongoing projects. My research concentrates on the socio-(bio-)technical interconnections in techno-body relationships, as well as the social challenges posed by bio-, neuro-, and information technologies in the medical industry.

One of my ongoing projects, “Additive Manufacturing: Enabling Technologies in the Childhood,” I investigate the evolution of 3D-printed prostheses designed for children with disabilities. This exploration takes into account the Crip Technoscience perspective, moving beyond the notion of a technological fix. In other projects, I examine posthuman cyborg love/sex and medicalized masculinities from a posthuman feminist viewpoint. Additional information about my ongoing and completed projects can be found on this website, including publication, presentations, etc.


Current projects:

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