“Türkiye’de Çekişmeli Bedenler: Tıp Teknolojisindeki Gelişmelerle Dönüşen Beden, Sağlık Ve Toplum” özel sayımız Sosyoloji Araştırmaları Dergisi’nde yayında / Special Issue „Contested Bodies in Turkey“ has finally been published in the Journal of Sociological Research

Our special issue „Contested Bodies in Turkey: Transformation of Body, Health and Society through Techno-Medical Interventions“ (guest editors: Melike Şahinol & Gülşah Başkavak) has finally been published in the Journal of Sociological Research.

The development of this special issue involves a long process of reflection and discussion. The birth of the idea began in September 2019 with the closed panel “Advances in Biomedicine and Technology in Turkey, Transformations and New Regulations” at the conference “STS Turkey 2019 – Science and Technology Studies Conference for Society”. During the conference, there were lively discussions and new ideas emerged. We noticed the weakness and even lack of current research and theoretical exchange in the Turkish literature in this field. We decided to put together a special issue that would bring together research on similar topics.

The seven original contributions presented in our special issue meet at the intersection of health and medical sociology, medical anthropology, and STS, with a focus on research conducted in Turkey.

The special issue is open access: https://dergipark.org.tr/tr/pub/sosars/issue/61228

The articles are in Turkish, but there is an English abstract at the beginning of each article and a longer English summary of each article at the end.


  • Introduction to Contested Bodies in Turkey (Şahinol & Başkavak)
  • Medical Imaging Devices and Physician Autonomy: A Conflictual Relationship (Çorbacioğlu)
  • Overcoming Vaginismus: Achieving Penetration in Heterosexual Relationships in Turkey (Şen)
  • After Hymenoplasty: Space of Immotility and the Construction of the Neoliberal (Non-)Virgin Woman During the Post-Hymenoplasty Healing Period (Güzel)
  • Socio-Bio-Technical Care Complex: Digital Health Tracking in Type 1 Diabetes (Şahinol & Başkavak)
  • Internet and the Health Information: A Sociological Study on the use of Internet as a Source of Health Information by Women over sixty in Ankara (Bilge Ülker)
  • The Use uf State Regulated Assisted Reproductive Technologies and Demographic Process (Kiliçtepe)
  • Practical Rational Behavior in Restricted Assisted Reproductive Technologies (Evsel)

We are very thankfull to all those involved. First and foremost, the reviewers for their careful reading, thoughtful comments and efforts towards improving this special issue.

We would like to express our deepest gratitude to Prof. Dr. Aytül Kasapoğlu and Assoc. Prof. Dr. Günnur Ertong Attar for supporting our special issue in the Journal of Sociological Research. Without their trust and support, this project would not have been possible. After all, researchers need a platform to exchange ideas and develop their research. We are immensely proud and hope that the articles will provide a good basis for theoretical reflections and further discussions.