New publication: eHealth Applications in Knowledge Landscapes. In: Svalastog, A.L., Gajović, S., Webster, A. (eds) Navigating Digital Health Landscapes (pp.193-221). @Palgrave Macmillan, Singapore. #ststwitter #ehealth #medicalsociology #information

The year has began with good news for me, which I am happy to share with you. Finally my book chapter on eHealth Applications in Knowledge Landscapes has been published (abstract below):

Şahinol M. (2021) eHealth Applications in Knowledge Landscapes. In: Svalastog A.L., Gajović S., Webster A. (eds) Navigating Digital Health Landscapes (pp.193-221). Health, Technology and Society. Palgrave Macmillan, Singapore.

It has emerged within the framework of our cooperation activities of the Navigating Knowledge Landscapes research network. I am very happy to be a part of it and sincerely thank the editors Anna Lydia Svalastog, Srećko Gajović and Andrew Webster for their continuous support and engagement.


This chapter provides an overview of eHealth applications in knowledge landscapes with a brief historical outline and, in pointing out on key factors and values, shows which systems are used for what purpose. The question of how person-centred applications to health-related knowledge affect the way applications are used is crucial, as it has consequences for the forming of knowledge landscapes on an international level. eHealth applications should be considered as socio-(bio-)technical systems. Therefore, it is not only social factors that shape a specific knowledge landscape, but technical possibilities, too, shape the personal (biological) properties and social factors, making responsibility a value to be reflected within the subject matter. To fulfil the objective of this chapter, I list eHealth applications and their implementations in addition to addressing eHealth country profiles with special focus on a case study in Turkey. I further compare formal eHealth interventions with patients’ attempts to build their own frameworks for a personal intervention or management of their condition.

The edited volume Navigation Digital Health Landscapes in which my chapter was published is definitely worth a look, as it contains many exciting chapters on the subject of digitalization and health.

Navigating Digital Health Landscapes

A Multidisciplinary Analysis

Editors: Svalastog, Anna Lydia, Gajović, Srecko, Webster, Andrew (Eds.)

Navigating Digital Health Landscapes explores how users navigate the internet when searching for health information. It is the first book to conceptualise the internet as a landscape and the ways in which people navigate this digital world, including the complex entanglements between on and offline domains. It does so through a range of disciplinary perspectives from expert contributors across STS (science and technology studies), social anthropology, biomedicine, ethics and law, linguistics, social policy and computer scientists working in more technical aspects of tracking and visualising data and information on the internet. The book provides a unique and valuable contribution for those wishing to understand how digital technologies are affecting the design, implementation and use of digital systems to manage health information in different contexts.”