Call for Interview Participants (hair:y_less masculinities) #ststwitter #masculinities #intervieweeswanted

Although the hashtag #socialdistancing predominates in social media, I would like to stress that physical distance is not the same as social distance. For many of us it is especially hard in times of social/family fragmentation. We should try everything to keep in touch with each other so that we don’t isolate ourselves socially. As research assistants / fellows we have fixed-term contracts and have to continue with our research, deliver results. Somehow things have to move forward, even if we are anxious about the future. We think that it might be a welcome change for some of you to have an interview with us. So, I gladly share our call for interview participants with you.

If you are willing to participate in our study, please contact our project coordinator Burak Taşdizen at

For more information please also visit our project website


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