Lecture Series: Designing Nature, Upgrading Human Life? Reflections on how Medicine, Science and Technology Transform our Lives

Recent developments in medicine, science, and technology have enabled an unprecedented “optimization” of human beings. The lecture series is dedicated to the interdisciplinary and intercultural discussion of the consequences of these developments. The focus is on the changing relationship between the alteration of human beings resulting from the practice of life sciences as well as social conceptions of humanity and the nature of existence. What are the cultural and social consequences of these scientific and technical interventions into human biology? What might the ramifications be for our societies? Another central concern is the question of whether these interventions in the biological nature of human beings and the resulting changes actually lead to an improvement of life.

With this lecture series, the Orient-Institut Istanbul presents to the public its new research field “Human, Medicine and Society” and begins a scholarly dialogue on these issues between German and Turkish academics.

Descriptin in turkish, german and english.

Full programme: