Month: October 2017

ITÜ 28.11.: RRI in the Era of Human Enhancement Cultures

Responsible Research and Innovation in the Era of Human Enhancement Cultures (Dr. Melike Şahinol, Orient-Institut, Istanbul) The aim of this presentation is to show the intercultural aspects of the regulation of  Human Enhancement Technologies with the example of Turkey, hence illustrating the blurring boundaries in enhancement practices and the limitations of an internationally adapted Technology […]

The “techno-cerebral subject”, a bio-technical form of the cyborg – action theory #cyborgactiontheory

The human as techno-cerebrally operating form – this study shows the adaptation of human and machine in neuroscience and describes the acting of a cyborg. The neuroscientific studies I analyzed, were concerned with the restoration of cerebral processes by neurofeedback (via Brain-Machine Interface), with which stroke patients had to regulate their brainwaves and thereby to […]